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British Toy Companies : Scamold – Scale Models Ltd.

March 2nd, 2018 4 comments

Scale Models Ltd. produced a range of racing cars under the SCAMOLD brand name, the model name being taken direct from the abbreviated company name.

These cars were produced between 1939 and 1950 at the Brooklands Race Track site in Weybridge, part of which was already the site of the Vickers factory. The models themselves were extremely accurate, produced at 1:35 scale, with their original measurements being taken direct from the real racing cars which could often be seen at Brooklands, then the mecca of motor racing in the UK.

The diecast models were as near ‘true-to-scale’ as it was perhaps possible to manufacture. Each model had fine surface detailing and the casting was outstanding with numerous features including removable exhausts, spring suspension, dashboards and steering wheels. In addition the back axle could be exchanged for one containing a clockwork motor which was wound up by a long starting handle.  The wheel axles were crimped and the hubs were either brass (early models) or aluminium (later) with black tread rubber tyres. Each model was clearly marked within the body of the casting both with ‘Scamold’ and ‘Made in England’ along with the manufacturers part number and the name of the model.

The Scamold models produced were inspired by the cars that were regularly showing their paces at Brooklands and were available in a selection of colours.

101 – 1939-50 ERA. (English Racing Automobile) : British racing green, works light green, yellow, royal blue, light blue, black, white.

103 – 1939-50 MASERATI : Maserati red, bright red, dark blue, dark green, mid-green, silver.

105 – 1939-50 ALTA : Light blue, pale sky blue, light green, dark green, silver, white.

Models were supplied in a blue card picture box and although the range was limited to the three models of ERA, Maserati and Alta it was no doubt intended to be larger as the box carried three other logos of Austin, MG and Bugatti. After the War the Brooklands part of the address was dropped from the box.

A small group of Scamold aluminium kits were also briefly available, listed were :

202 – Austin / 204 – MG / 206 – Bugatti / 207 – ERA ‘E’ Type / 208 – Bentley / 209 – Riley

However it is not known if all were actually produced.

After the War the price of the Scamold racing cars was around 8/- (40p) in comparison to a Dinky racing car of the time at 3/- (15p). Production costs weren’t sustainable and in July of 1950 the moulds and jigs etc were put up for sale.

Mr. E.J.D. Tilley, the proprietor of Scale Models, wound up the business in the 1960’s.



Green body with black radiator and steering wheel. Fitted with brass hubs with black rubber tyres.







Red body with silver radiator grill and exhaust. Brass concave hubs with black rubber tyres.






Green bodywork with blue radiator and silver exhaust. Brass hubs with black rubber tyres.

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