February 28th, 2016

Welcome to rodgersantiques.co.uk



I would like to welcome you to my pages on the inter-web which hopefully in time will cover many areas of the antiques and collectables market with the major emphasis being placed on the toy sector as that is my area of greatest interest. In saying that I’m sure both my wife and daughter will be contributing some interesting items on their specialist fields of pottery and glass over the coming months.


rodgersantiques are firmly established in both South and North Yorkshire and have been involved with the antiques and collectables market since the early 1990’s.  My wife Ann and daughter Caroline, specialise in the pottery, porcelain and glass sectors, commonly referred to as the ‘smalls’, which leaves me to play with the toys !

Over the coming months and pages of this site I will hopefully try to highlight the history, in both  text and pictures, of various toy companies both here in the UK as well as further afield. In the main I hope to uncover the past of some of the less well documented companies as well as looking at other aspects of the toy market.

Although we still stand at antique and toy fairs the emphasis of rodgersantiques & collectables these days has moved to the much larger market place of the internet sales sites, Ebay being the obvious dominant player, although I am also trying out a variety of new sites and we do maintain an ongoing presence with units at various antiques centres within the Yorkshire area.

So I hope you will enjoy a browse through the various pages of our site, feel free to let us know what you think and where we may be able to improve it – try not to be too critical, remember we are not professional historians or web builders. In saying all that a big thanks to David, my son, for setting the web site up in the first place along with his ongoing patience in correcting my many mistakes. Also to my daughter Caroline for trying her best to talk me through what Facebook is all about – don’t tell her but I still don’t have a clue …. as for Twitter .. forget it !


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