Toy Fair Diary Dates

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Confirmed diary dates so far for 2010 :


Newcomen Fairs Ltd. – Toy, Train & Doll Fair  

To be held at Building 21, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S74 8HJ. Tuesdays – 23rd Feb., 25th May, 14th Sept., 26th Oct., & 14th December. Public admission 7pm. – 9pm. (refreshments available)

I look forward to seeing you there !



Well Tuesday the 23rd February has been and gone and that means that so has the first Elsecar Toy Fair of 2010.

Unfortunately I missed it …. rushed into hospital with kidney stones, I know where I would rather have been !  …. so all the usual planning and preparation looked like being for nothing until friends and family rallied round and announced that we would have a presence there come what may, its nice to know your not indispensable !

So with a bit of last minute rushing around and with numerous scribbled notes from myself, which I doubt were ever referred to, it was announced all was set.

These first three pictures show the stand in the process of setting up – unfortunately none of the finished poduct. Typically it tends to be all hands to the pump once on site and by the time you think you might be just about ready the public is already coming through the doors and you realise that you still haven’t had your pie and peas !!

Opposite, Caroline, my daughter can be seen offering a tremendous deal on a tinplate car to an unsuspecting member of the public .. poor lad never stood a chance !

Sorry there are no more images but as I was informed they had better things to do than stand around taking pictures. Actually I think they forgot but then again I can’t complain for without their superb efforts it would not have happened at all and despite it being another poor night weather wise the fair was well attended and its usual success. Thanks to you all, both dealers and public on the night, for your good wishes for a speedy recovery.


Well it seems an eternity since I last sat down and updated this site what with one thing or another and before I know it 2010 is almost at an end. From my perspective its thank goodness for that ! as a good portion of the year was spent trying to sort out my kidney stones and if anyone out there is suffering from them you have my sympathy. Eventually it was resolved by going into theatre under a general (not a military man you understand but an anaesthetic) where my consultant was going on what he amusingly termed ‘a fishing expedition’. Thank goodness I was out-for-the-count as his expedition involved the insertion of a flexible tube, a basket and a camera ! .. don’t ask .. you don’t want to know. It wouldn’t have been so bad but the camera was a Box Brownie ! .. That was Ann’s joke by the way not mine. Anyways finally got the all clear at the end of October until next time .. seems there’s still one in there but fingers crossed thats where it will stay.

 What it did mean was that I wasn’t around for some of the fairs and for those I was at, looking back it was all a bit of a blur ….. nothing new there then !

So one or two pics taken at the events throughout the year ….. did take a whole load more but somehow managed to delete them all those from the memory card before I had saved them ….. told you it was all a blur.

Still there is one more show to do before the year end so hopefully one last chance to get the camera working and with a bit of effort and a following wind we’ll end the year on a high. In saying that its just started snowing again ….. can you believe it, but we’ve got two weeks yet so plenty of time after all this bad weather can’t last that long ….. can it ? 

Hope to see you all in December at Elsecar !


Due to personal circumstances it is with some regret that I have to report that as from 2012 we will no longer be standing at the various toy fairs around the region. I know this will be a disappointment to our established customers as much as it will be to ourselves, not only were these fairs a good chance to buy, sell and exchange items but more importantly is was a good opportunity to catch up and meet friends old and new. Will have to rely on the internet for now but hope to see you all sometime in the future.



  1. Annette Whitehouse
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    Do you have any Shackletons for sale.


  2. dave
    July 23rd, 2019 at 13:33 | #2

    Hi there Annette,
    Short answer nothing at the minute I’m sorry to say. If anything comes along in the near future I will message you.
    Thanks for visiting the site,

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