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Dan Dare Pilot of the Future … yet still more toys !

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Dan Dare Toys … Part 4


Welcome back to yet even more Dan Dare related toys I have managed to locate from the distant reaches of the galaxy ! For those Earthlings who have stumbled across this page by accident you may wish to visit my other Dan Dare pages, nos 1 – 3, to find further examples of Dan Dare toys.


< Dan Dare Space Patrol Aeroplane

British made aircraft of tinplate construction with a Dan Dare theme and dating to the 1950’s, possibly manufactured by either Mettoy or Wells. Aircraft has detailed tin-printing with ‘Space Patrol’ lettering to upper wing surface, predominantly orange with a yellow tailplane. The aircraft features a red propeller and wheels and is fitted with a friction drive. A relatively scarce item some 34cm. in length.



               Corgi Classics Dan Dare Eagle Set >

Corgi Comic Classics, a limited edition collection set ref. 98965, includes VW Camper Van along with the Bedford CA Van. Box size 26cm. x 12cm. x 5cm. (10″ x 4.75″ x 2″). Eagle fully licensed product. 


< Dan Dare Eagle Comic Pop-Up Book

Dan Dare Eagle comic pop-up book. Published by Juvenile Productions Ltd., card backed ring bound book with full colour pages. Entitled ‘Dan Dare Pilot of the Future’ a fully licensed product by Eagle comics. 21cm. x 27cm. ( 8.75″ x 10.75″ ).



                                                                                                                                   Tuck’s Dan Dare Water Transfers >

Raphael Tuck’s ‘Happy Hours’ series book of Dan Dare water transfers dating to 1951. Full colour book cover with 12 inner pages detailing Dan Dare’s career, interleaved with 6 pages of colour water transfers which include Dan Dare, Treen Teleview Plane, The Mekon, Theron, Treen Dog, Demagnetiser and Hank. An Eagle comics fully licensed product which is rare to find.


< Ingersoll Dan Dare Pocket Watch

British made Ingersoll Dan Dare pocket watch dating to the 1950’s. Chrome finish case with pictorial facia. Watch has the Eagle emblem to the rear of the case. Picture shows the hard to find original card box. Dan figure has articulated seconds arm. An Eagle fully licensed product.

                                                                                                       Dan Dare Space Shooting Game >

Glevum Games Dan Dare space shooting game from the 1950’s. Spring loaded ‘gun’ used to fire projectiles at colourful card space ship targets.

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