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Another Year

Well here we are, made it through to another year with all the usual tears of sadness and joy, so lets hope 2019 will be a good one for each and everyone of us ! Looking forward to getting out there to all the usual toy fairs, car boots and markets, hoping to find one or two hidden treasures before you do ! … well its what keeps us going isn’t it ? Might even try a few auction houses this year just to ring the changes.

Back in December I was contacted by a contributor to Collectors Gazette who was intending to write an article on Nomura Toys and having visited the site was hoping I could help out with some high res images of various Nomura tin plate toys for inclusion in his piece. Sadly I had to let him down as I no longer had any of the models in question and therefor was unable to supply any images for him to use. Hope Alwyn manages to find the right pics and gets his piece published, will have to keep my eyes glued on Collectors Gazette for a Nomura article to see if he got there.



February already !  O.K. so what the heck happened to January, guess I must have nodded off …… (well you do at my age) and missed it ! Its funny but when you are young days seem to be without end and the years mearly tick by whereas turn sixty and its no sooner time to get up than its time to go to back to bed. And as for weeks and months, why just simply a blur until you are wishing everybody a ‘happy new year’ and wondering where the last year went. So be warned, ban birthdays is what I say that way you won’t get old !


‘I do not believe it’ as good old Victor Meldrew would say ….. there I was the other Saturday all ready to go to auction when I started getting a nasty pain in my stomach which just kept getting worse as the minutes ticked by. I’ll ring my local GP surgery I thought as they open on Saturday mornings … wrong, this particular Saturday they were closed ! … sods law !! OK lets try 111, as another round of pain racked through my guts, brilliant it was like phoning an insurance company as some pre-recorded voice ran through a whole gambit of services on offer including the information that I could contact them by going on-line … just put me through to a bloody human being I found myself saying, I’m in bloody agony here ! That’s when the good old Missis took over, took the phone off me and dialled three 9′s. Explained the situation to the controller adding that she suspected a strangulated hernia. An ambulance was pulling up within 5 minutes of putting the phone down …. half an hour later I was in A&E and by mid afternoon I was in theatre. Would have been quicker but I had milk in my morning cuppa in which case they like to give it at least 4 hours before operating. By tea time I was back on the ward having a hot cup of tea and a natter with the family but looks like I will be out of action for a while and left me wondering what little gem I might have missed at that auction.


Back home and putting my feet up but it didn’t last long. My wife, bless her, was changing my dressing one morning and muttered ‘Don’t like the look of that’. Now she has said that many times to me before in our long relationship but the look on her face told me it wasn’t good news. A couple of hours later and I was laid out on the Doc’s examination table. ‘I don’t like the look of that !’ was her immediate response on removing the dressing. So now I’m on double the normal dose of antibiotics with regular check-ups hopefully to get rid of the infection and to keep me being re-admitted to hospital.

On the plus side it has meant that I can spend a bit of time updating a few things on this site and spending a little time checking various auction sites to see if anything of interest is coming up. At the minute I am putting together a post on Dinky Dublo, yes I know I did promise years ago that I would steer clear of the main manufacturers as better people than me have written them up. However numerous people have put forward suggestions on subjects they would like to see covered, so I thought, what the heck lets put a few words and pics together whilst I’m sat here and see how it goes. Now don’t expect anything Earth shattering, I’m not compiling a book, just a short piece before I move on to another topic. ( By the way feel free to message in if you would like to see a toy related subject covered. )

  1. Tom Mayers
    February 3rd, 2019 at 09:18 | #1

    Hi David I am looking for the little yellow ladder and bell for a Triang fire tender (jumbo series)

  2. dave
    February 5th, 2019 at 09:54 | #2

    Hi there Tom, sorry but I am constantly being asked for spares for the Tri-ang range of pressed steel lorries and I have yet to find anyone dealing in a comprehensive range of spares. Did a quick internet search myself before replying to your enquiry and no luck there but no doubt you did the same. So I guess its down to visiting toy fairs and car boots with fingers crossed. By the way if anyone can help Tom out please message me and I will be happy to put you in touch with each other.
    All the best, David.

  3. James Nicholls
    February 20th, 2019 at 17:22 | #3

    Hi David

    I’ve recently come into possession of a Burnett Toys Limited money box
    I was wondering with your expertise you might be able to tell me when it was made and how much it’s worth?

    Many thanks


  4. dave
    March 3rd, 2019 at 15:18 | #4

    Hello James,
    Sorry to say you won’t get rich with this little gem of yours but it is a super addition to anyones money bank collection.
    I am assuming it is similar to the one I have pictured here.
    Burnett of London pre-war Post Box money bank, red tinplate, black base with typical 1920′s Bank of England traffic scene to rear.
    Opening and lockable access door the bank stands around 17cm in height and carries the GR Royal Cypher.
    Would be manufactured around the mid 1920′s.
    At auction in good condition these banks would normally reach around the £10 – £15 mark although the banks which are more of an oval shape with two postage slots can sell for around the £40 mark.
    Cheers, David.

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