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Japanese Toy Companies : DAIYA TOYS – TERAI TOYS Co.

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Daiya ( Terai ) Toys 1950′s – 1970′s 

Formed in Tokyo sometime in the 1950′s, Daiya was typical of many of the Japanese tinplate toy companies of the time being most active from the mid-late 1950′s through to the late 1970′s,after which the company appears to have dropped off the radar.

Daiya produced a good range of tin toys including civilian vehicles, space vehicles including robots along with other space related toys – rays guns etc., as well as several other novelty tinplate items.

Daiya was typical of many of the post war Japanese tinplate toy companies in so much that many of its mechanical tin toys, whether they be clockwork or battery operated, were produced with multi-functional features such as operating lights and sounds etc.


< Daiya Toys Military Police Jeep

Tinplate model dating to c1950 in military dark green bodywork finish with detailed tinprinted interior, seated figures. Plated parts, spare wheel, jerry can to rear and fitted with folding tinplate windscreen, 26cm.


Daiya Toys Police Car >

Battery operated model of a Highway Patrol Police Car based on a Chevrolet Impala. Model is finished in typical black and white colourway finish with detailed interior. Plated parts, working light, 32cm. 


< Daiya Toys Power Shovel

Tinplate friction drive model of a Lorry Mounted Power Shovel, orange cab and chassis with cream roof. Grey excavator mounted to rear with orange jib and grey shovel. 6-Wheeled truck is based on a GMC vehicle, detailed tinprinting with plated parts, 28cm.


Daiya Toys Sports Cars >

Pictured opposite are a pair of Daiya battery operated Porsche sports cars with remote control.

One is a closed top version in red bodywork finish with yellow stripes, detailed interior, racing number ’77′, plated parts. The second is an open topped model with racing number ’24′ in blue finish, detailed interior, plated parts.


< Daiya Toys Ranger Robot

A 1950′s battery operated plastic robot figure with visible motor. The ‘Ranger Robot’ has see through body and legs, silver plastic arms with red tinplate feet, 27cm. Robot walks, has moving arms, lights, voice sounds and smoke emits from the mouth.




   Mini Cooper >

Large scale plastic and tinplate model of a British Mini Cooper, model shown in red colourway finish with a black roof although other colours were produced. Racing No. 77 to sides. Fitted with bright plated parts including hubs. Battery operated with variable speed control, 19cm.

( Daiya also produced a ‘Rally Monte Carlo’ version of the Mini Cooper fitted with Monte Carlo badges to its front. )

< Mechanical Turn Over ‘Stunt Car’ 

Tinplate representation of the British Aston Martin, clockwork in operation with ‘stunt’ action. Vehicle shown in white colourway finish with red/yellow flame effect trim although other colours were produced eg: red with a chequered design to doors and bonnet. In all cases ‘Stunt Car’ lettering appears on the roof. Tin-printed driver detailed to ‘windows’, 18cm.

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  1. Rick ryan
    January 8th, 2016 at 20:10 | #1

    I have a daiya friction tin type continental trailways tandem bus (2 sections hinged in the middle). Any idea of its worth, or someplace I could go to find out ?

  2. dave
    January 11th, 2016 at 11:26 | #2

    Hello there Rick,
    Can I assume you aren’t based in the UK as Daiyas Continental Trailways tandem bus would be termed an articulated bus over here. Honestly I have only seen the single coach variant, termed the ‘Golden Eagle’, the bus would date around the late 50′s to late 1960′s and is friction powered as you say. Interestingly a couple of the single buses recently sold on Ebay for £18 and £30 respectively. Looking back in my reference books I can find one ‘tandem’ that sold back in 2002 however that was in a lot with two other items selling at UK£130, so that’s not much use. Also several listed in the States with asking prices of $300 – $500 ! and I can find one selling at Morphy auctions, Denver, for US$236 in 2011. Hope that is of some help.
    All the best, David.

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