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Japanese Toy Companies : HORIKAWA TOYS

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Horikawa Toys 1959 – 1980


Formed in Tokyo in 1959 Horikawa, often thought of as a manufacturer of tin toys, is now believed to have been simply a reseller of products supplied by Metal House (Marumiya) which itself began life around 1943.

Horikawa is best known for its prolific range of space toys, noteably its space robots (Mr. Zerox, Attacking Martian, Fighting Robot) to name but three. Initially the robots Horikawa produced were clockwork in operation and are often referred to as their 1st. generation robots, later these were replaced by a ‘2nd. generation’ which were battery driven. Depite three decades of success Horikawa, like many other Japanese toy companies of the time, closed in the late 1980’s whilst Metal House still continues to this date producing a range of battery operated tin robots.


< Horikawa ‘ATTACKING MARTIAN’ Robot

1970’s battery operated ‘Attacking Martian’ robot. Tinplate with plastic head, arms and legs, detailed tinprinting with open chest with firing guns. Walking action with moving arms, 23cm.




                               Horikawa ‘Mr. ZEROX’ Robot >

1960’s battery operated ‘Mr. Zerox’ robot. Tinplate with plastic head, arms and legs in dark brown colourway, red ‘baseball’ type hat and bronze feet. Walking action and moving arms, opening chest door reveals guns with firing and sparking action, 23cm.


< Horikawa ‘ROTATE-O-MATIC’ Robot

Battery operated ‘Rotate-O-Matic’ Super Astronaut Robot. Tinplate and plastic construction with opening chest with blinking and shooting guns with realistic noise. Automatic ‘Stop-N-Go’ walking action, moving arms and rotating body, 29cm.



    Horikawa ‘STAR STRIDER’ Robot >

A 1970’s battery operated ‘Star Strider’ robot of tinplate construction with plastic arms and legs. Robot comes in green finish with lithographed detailing, opening chest feature with blinking and firing gun with realistic shooting sounds. Walking action, moving arms and rotating body, 30cm.






Battery operated tinplate model of a ‘NASA Space Station’ dates to c1950, model came in blue finish with red trim with detailed tin-printing. 5x clear panels each showing a different ‘room’ within the station,  control room / offices / dormitories etc., 29cm.

Horikawa ‘GEAR’ Robot >

Clockwork, permanent key, ‘Gear’ robot from Horikawa  of tinplate and plastic construction in grey colourway finish with red feet. This 1960’s robot has forward walking motion with moving arms and space sounds. Clear plastic panel to chest with visible rotating gear mechanism. Red plastic sparking helmet, 23cm.

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  1. Jenifer Blatt
    January 19th, 2015 at 10:21 | #1

    Hi there, we are looking to purchase 2 or 3 Horikawa strider robots for an up coming shoot.
    Are you able to help us with this?
    My contact number in SA Cape Town is ***********
    We will use our own courier to get it here ASAP.

    Many thanks

  2. dave
    January 21st, 2015 at 10:34 | #2

    Hi Jen,
    Nice to here from you but sorry to say I can’t help you out this time. I did have ONE but sold in back in November. I wish I could find three myself at a decent price as there is a good market for old robots. I would suggest your best bet would be to try someone like robot island http://www.robotisland.com Never dealt with them but I know they did a reasonable reproduction star strider for around $25.
    Sorry I can’t be more help, all the best in your search, David.

  3. Paul Blair
    September 30th, 2019 at 19:06 | #3

    Hi I have just came across my Mr zerox robot after 54yrs in my attic he has bronze feet and is in good condition. I was wondering what is the average selling price of these.

  4. dave
    October 3rd, 2019 at 15:25 | #4

    Hi there Paul, you don’t say if you have the box to go with this robot or not but not to worry as prices are a bit hit or miss anyway. As you are probably aware the bronze feet on your robot boost his value considerably. Typical auction prices for a boxed model would be around the £250 – £350 mark when the red footed version would be around the £100 mark. I see there is a bronze footed Mr Zerox on Ebay at the minute with an asking price of around £600 – interesting to see if he sells !
    Cheers, David.

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